Hotel Construction Services

Hotel Construction

Hotel Designers, Builders and Contractors

Whether constructing a new building or a renovating an existing space, HiFive’s expertise as hotel designers and builders, and as a design-build construction company, will optimize quality and efficiency at every stage of your hotel development project. As part of our full service offerings, HiFive can even help with your hotel construction financing.

Our Construction Management Team has the skill and experience handling the special requirements of hotel design, development and construction.

HiFive expertly manages every detail of your construction project through:

  • Detailed site qualification, zoning and budget estimates;
  • Value engineering;
  • Sound financial and lending relationships for a smooth, efficient process;
  • Minimal change orders resulting from a detailed pre-construction effort;
  • Rigorous subcontractor qualification and bidding;
  • Ongoing project milestone reviews;
  • Detailed “Punch-out” processing;
  • Turnover planning and implementation;
  • Staying friends long after the project is complete.